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Amsterdam's finest

A party rocker with turntablism skills. This is probably the best way to describe DJ TLM. His passionate style of DJ-ing has made him a household name in The Netherlands, where he’s been rocking, clubs, major festivals and corporate events for the last 19 years.


Share The Knowledge

djTLMtv is DJ TLM’s way of sharing the knowledge with the rest of the DJ community with tutorials, tips & tricks, reviews and q&a video’s for beginners and professional DJ’s.
To watch all the djTLMtv video’s check out the djTLMtv channel on YouTube.

Beats & Scratch Tools

Practice, practice, practice!

To make sure you have everything you need to practice mixing, scratching and other DJ techniques DJ TLM has provided an assortment of free beats and sounds/scratch tools for you. For all the free downloads check out the
DJ TLM SoundCloud page .

Mixtapes by DJ TLM

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About DJ TLM

A couple of facts about DJ TLM

- Club DJ and turntablist since 1995 with residencies throughout The Netherlands.
– Plays Hip Hop, R&B, New Jack Swing, Soul, Funk, Disco, Dancehall & Electronic Dance Music.
– Tour DJ for MTV Award winning rap artist Brainpower since 1998.
– Over 2500 live shows with Brainpower in Europe, The Caribbean and The US.
– Tutor, producer, editor and blogger at djTLMtv, providing tips & tricks, tutorials, reviews and workshops.
– djTLMtv currently has over 27.000 subscribers and 200.000 views per month.
– Over 3.000.000 views on his youtube channels (djTLMtv & djTLM).
– Hosted his own weekly mixshow (Set It Off) on Holland’s biggest urban radio station 538 Juize.
– Co-hosted national Hip Hop tv show MTV RAW for MTV Holland (2003 – 2004).
– Released more than 40 mixtapes and artist promo mixes.
– Produced tracks for djTLMtv, Brainpower/Jean Grae, Deams and Dicecream.
– Co-wrote the music for the Dutch soundtrack of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game.
– Provided scratches on tracks for Brainpower and more national & international artists.
– Provided scratches on the #1 single Dansplaat (certified gold in Holland and Belgium).
– Supported Black Eyed Peas, N.E.R.D., Eminem, Snoop Dogg, D12, Nelly and De La Soul.
– Supported DJ Cash Money, DJ Premier, DJ Scratch and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

About djTLMtv

What you can find on djTLMtv

- Mix tutorials: covering all the basics like counting music, knowing your equipment, beat matching, timing, eq, etc.
– Scratch tutorials: start with basics like the baby scratch, cuts, stabs, drops and the transformer.
– Q&A: DJ TLM answers your questions and covers requested topics.
– Tips & tricks: these video’s cover a wide range of DJ topics.
– Reviews: DJ TLM reviews hardware and software products for DJ’s and producers.
– Saturday Sessions: scratch with DJ TLM in these interactive scratch session video’s.
– Unboxings: what’s in the box?
– Making the mixtape: DJ TLM shows you his process for recording a mix.

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